Jewelry Storage

Since I've been making so many earrings and such, I have been keeping quite a few pairs for myself. I was keeping them in a dish, but they started to get dusty, and it was difficult to see which ones belonged together. I found this little jewelry dresser at Target. It has hooks for bracelets and earrings, but I used them to hang all of my dangly earrings. The posts went into the ring slots and there are pendants in one drawer and more earrings in the other. I thought it was a great (and reasonably priced) solution. How do you store your gems?


Northrop Family said...

Jared gave me one of these a long time ago. I thought it was kind of cheesy at the time, but now I think it is a good idea. It holds most of my things with the exception of a few large bracelets and necklaces that hang on a hook in my bedroom.

ANNE said...

This was much cheaper than the Pottery Barn box I was looking at, and it does the trick quite nicely!