Sundance Rings

I really love the jewelry from the Sundance catalog.  Aren't these emerald rings so lovely?


Silver Ring

I've been off the radar again...  The end of the semester and finals week were absolutely crazy.  I was taking three classes, but with one of them having studio time I was actually at school full time (without realizing it!).  It will be so nice to have the summer off!  So I may be a little sporadic with my posting again...  Here's a silver ring that I carved from wax and then cast in my jewelry class (and then spent the rest of the semester filing and polishing).


Kikkerland Paper Straws

Have you noticed the cute paper straws at Target and elsewhere?  Kikkerland has packaged them by the gross, so you get a lot more for a better price.  I love these colorful striped ones I found on Amazon.