Friday Featured Etsy Seller: Garnet Girl Designs

I wanted to feature Madelynn Cassin again because she has some beautiful new pieces in her Etsy shop.  Since I'm taking a jewelry class again I've really been appreciating her work.  It's fabulous.


Thursday Tunes: Gymnopedie

Being in French class has reminded me of Erik Satie's Gymnopedie.  It's such a lovely song.


Rear Window

Last night we went to see Rear Window at our local Egyptian Theatre.  I love it when they show old movies on the big screen.  Of course, Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelly were flawless.  I especially liked her dresses.  This one was so feminine and lovely.  {photo from here}


Doctor Who Character Building

I've been re-watching some of the David Tennant and Matt Smith episodes of Doctor Who, and I'm thinking that this would be a great little set to have.  The Doctor Who Character Building The Tardis Mini Set includes The Doctor, Amy, and TARDIS toys.  Fun!


Friday Featured Art: Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives

When we were in Kansas City we saw Frederic Church's Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives at the Nelson-Atkins Art Museum.  It's a lovely painting, and we enjoyed seeing it after visiting Church's home Olana last summer.


Thursday Tunes: Serenade for Strings

We heard Tchaikovsky's Serenade for Strings on the radio last night.  I really like Tchaikovsky.  I even did my composer report on him in 6th grade.


Snuggle Bunny Sweater

I got a catalog in the mail the other day from a British clothing company called SimplyBe.  I'm not sure why I got it, but it had some interesting items - including this adorable sweater!  Joe Brown's Snuggle Bunny Sweater comes complete with a faux fur tail.  So cute.


Here's a before and after of the cupboards in my bathroom.  They had some really space-age-looking handles, but I was having a difficult time finding replacements because of their odd size.  Apparently all of the hardware from the '60s was a different size than they stock now...  (Also, everything in my house seems to have been pale pink, blue, or mint green at some point.)  I finally found some handles at the hardware store on clearance ($2.78 with a $2.78 rebate - so, free!), but they were brass.  So I bought some matte nickel spray paint and fixed them up.  (Oh, and I had to buy some appropriate-sized screws.)  Do you think it's an improvement?



Harry Potter Glasses Ring

I saw this awesome Harry Potter ring on Pinterest.  It's from Hot Topic, but they're sold out.  I'm thinking I might have to figure out how to make my own in my jewelry class...


Thursday Tunes: See You Later Alligator

I've got French class today, so I thought I'd share a French pop song that we listened to in class the other day.  See You Later Alligator is by the indie group Louise Attaque.  It's kind of fun.



On Monday I had my first experience with canning.  It was adventurous...  I ended up with three quarts of pie filling made from the various berries I had been saving in my freezer all summer.  It looks pretty good - I hope it will taste good!


Uncharted Waters

I recently found a pad of this cute paper at Hobby Lobby.  The Uncharted Waters line is designed by Traci Smith for Glitz Design.  Love it.


Iced Apple Cider

I'm so glad that it's getting to be fall!  We visited a new Dunkin' Donuts in our town the other day, and they are now serving spiced apple cider.  I ordered an iced apple cider, and it was delicious!


Friday Featured Art: Illume

A new art gallery is opening in downtown Salt Lake City today.  Illume will feature works by nationally-known artists, including Joseph Alleman!  It will be neat to be able to see his work when visiting Temple Square.  His new pieces are lovely (as always).


Thursday Text: D&C 88:119

I know I've posted this verse before, but it is important to me in my life.  I made a handout for one of the Young Women lessons that I taught, so I thought I would share it!  This is a 4"x6" card that I made in Illustrator, and you can download it as a PDF for your personal use.  Enjoy.


FTD College Rose Collection

I saw these in a magazine the other day and thought that it was a fun idea - a bouquet in your school colors!  FTD has a College Rose Collection featuring two-toned roses in collegiate vases.  Mizzou (where my husband did his PhD) has school colors of black and gold, so their roses look pretty normal, but how about these fancy Boise State flowers?