Friday Featured Art: Hagia Sophia Mosaic

I've been thinking again about our trip to Istanbul over spring break.  The Hagia Sophia Museum (Ayasofya) is one of the most incredible places I've ever seen.  I loved the beautiful mosaics, like this one of Mary, Jesus, and John the Baptist.  (I took this picture.)  If you go to the Hagia Sophia web site, there is a beautiful aerial view of the museum.  The yellowish roof peeking through the trees on the left just might be our hotel - we were that close.


Black Pepper Bergamot

I had a coupon and got this lovely fall candle free from Bath and Body Works the other day.  Black Pepper Bergamot is a nice masculine scent that's not too overwhelming.


Wild Squatters

I just saw the cutest story in National Geographic about wild animals living in abandoned cottages in Finland.  "Once Upon a Home" features incredible photography, like this picture of a Finnish squirrel with pointy ears.


Friday Featured Art: Arise and Shine Forth

Sorry this is late - Thursday and Friday were crazy around here.  This is a lovely poster by Steve Nethercott with the 2012 mutual theme.  The YW stake leaders had it at our training last week, and I really liked it.


Harley-Davidson Museum

We visited the Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee last week, and it was awesome.  They even let you design your own motorcycle.  Here's mine:


Utah Print

I found the perfect frame for my Utah print from Dutch Door Press.  My sister and I both had the idea of making Utah-themed bathrooms, and I'm liking how mine is turning out.  This photo makes the frame look a little darker than it really is.  (I got it for $5 at TJ Maxx, and the mat was $2 at Hobby Lobby.)


Berkeley Sweet Shop

One of my husband's colleagues went home to New Jersey before the semester started, and he brought us back some awesome salt water taffy from Berkeley Sweet Shop.  He also brought us a box of chocolate-covered taffy.  It sounds weird, but it was pretty good, too!


Friday Featured Etsy Seller: Elizabeth Scott Designs

I'm taking an intro metal jewelry class this semester, and it's got me thinking about Elizabeth Scott's Etsy shop again.  Her botanical jewelry is fantastic.  (I have a couple of pieces, and I really like them.)  Here are a couple of classics from Elizabeth Scott Designs.


Thursday Tunes: The Lord is My Shepherd

On Music and the Spoken Word last week, the Tabernacle Choir sang Howard Goodall's The Lord is My Shepherd.  We really love this song - we first discovered it while watching "The Vicar of Dibley."  (It's the opening.)  So I have to say sorry MoTab, I like English choir versions better...  (And, yes, this is what England really looks like.)


Front Door

We're still working on getting our "new" (1961) house into shape.  Here's a peek at our front door.  It's very mid-century and probably needs to be replaced, but for now we've spruced it up with a lovely boxwood wreath from White Horse.


Scottish Fine Soaps

I saw some of this cute soap in a tin at TJ Maxx the other day.  It smelled delightful - I may have to go back and pick some up.  Made by The Scottish Fine Soaps Company.



My local grocery store had some awesome long stem roses on sale for $1 each a couple of weeks ago.  I bought these three, and my husband asked if they were real.  They were so lovely. 


Friday Featured Etsy Seller: Carmen de Anguis

I was looking for something on Etsy the other day and came across this shop.  Carmen de Anguis features handmade sterling silver jewelry.  I really liked these Turkish tile earrings and this shield necklace.  The pieces in the shop are all very nice.


Thursday Text: Dreaming of Mr. Darcy

I checked out a Kindle version of this book from my library: Dreaming of Mr. Darcy, by Victoria Connelly.  It's been a fun read so far.  I hope I can finish it before my loan expires!  It looks like it may even be a series.  Does anyone know?  Have you read it?


TJ Maxx Rug

I found this rug at TJ Maxx and had to have it for our second bathroom.  We're working with a Turkish theme, and I thought it was perfect.  This photo does not do the color justice.  It's a beautiful wool rug - and it cost about the same as a regular bath rug!


Royal Apothic Balmoral Rain

When my mom and I were downtown on Saturday we went to Anthropologie.  It was a lot of fun.  One thing that I found was this lovely perfume: Balmoral Rain by Royal Apothic.  Here's the description of the fragrance "fragrant orange and magnolia notes mingle with geranium, bay rose and muguet, above a mellow base of sandalwood and moss (FLORAL)."  Fancy.