Luxe Faux Fur

I've never been one for fur, but Restoration Hardware has a Luxe Faux Fur line that looks so snuggly.  There are beautiful throws, and I think this scarf would be so soft and warm.  Yes, winter is here.


Caldrea Essential Collection

Have you seen the Caldrea Essential Collection at Target?  I bought some festively-scented Blue Spruce dish soap, and I love it.


9 Wallpaper Studies

My husband saved a page from the New York Times for me on Sunday, and it was quite interesting.  The page contains nine square paintings by Leanne Shapton.  They are studies of wallpaper found in museums, stately homes, and National Trust houses in England.  You can click through all nine here.


Erie Canal Collectors

I found a fantastic Etsy shop called Erie Canal Collectors.  They sell really great vintage jewelry.  I especially like the signet rings and this classic turquoise cuff.


Woolrich Coat

Is it getting cold where you live?  I can't believe how the temperature has dropped in the last week.  It probably doesn't help that it was 70 degrees when we were in Denver a week ago...  I did have the foresight of picking up a new coat while we were out West, though.  I found this Woolrich coat at Sierra Trading Post in Cheyenne, and it is so toasty!  I think I'm ready for winter.  Maybe.


Library of Flowers

We were in Denver last week, and I noticed some pretty bath products in an airport gift shop.  They were from the Library of Flowers line by Margo Elena.  I haven't had a chance to try any of the products, but the fragrances were divine.  I especially liked "Field & Flowers."


Nike x Liberty Collection

Liberty has partnered with Nike for a collection of fantastic kicks!  It's been many years since I've owned a pair of Nikes, but I would splurge for these and wear them everyday.  Check out the line here.


Squirrel Nut Grinder

I think I need to start filling my home with squirrel-themed goods and decorations.  This squirrel nut grinder from World Market is pretty cute!



I'm sure that you all know by now how much I love squirrels.  They are so hilarious and adorable.  It's that time of year again when they come to our yard looking for food.  Here's a visitor that we had the other day.



Do you have your passport?  You should!  I just had to renew mine, and it must have been a slow time because I got the new one back in one week.  The new ones have microchips.  You can see some of the stamps from my first passport.  I was so happy to be able to use it a few times - twice to the UK, once to Istanbul (by way of Paris), and then we got a stamp from Canada...  I hope to be able to use my new passport a few times over the next 10 years!


Indie Mats - Part 2

Today is my niece's birthday!  I put together this picture for her using a photo that I took and an Indie Mat that I bought at the Best of Missouri Market.  I think these are a fun idea.  I hope she likes it!