Map Pins

We've had fun marking all of our travels on a big U.S. map and decided to begin marking one of the U.K.  Large map posters are about $12 from National Geographic.  With a little spray adhesive and foam posterboard, they're ready for pins.  We've been using silver glittered map pins to show where we've been.  This isn't the greatest picture, but you get the idea!


Charm Bracelets

You must know by now that I love charm bracelets.  Here is the bracelet that started it all.  My sister sent me this photo of my sweet grandma's bracelet from the early '40s.  She received the charms from boyfriends, and I love the variety.  Next is my charm bracelet that I've been working on for a few years now.  I pick up charms on our travels - notable charms include bagpipes from Scotland and Abe Lincoln's top hat from Springfield, IL.  Now that it's full, I've started a new bracelet (with a mama bear and cub from Mount Rainier National Park)!   


Kikkerland Bag Clips

Do you ever see things from Kikkerland?  I believe they're a Dutch company.  I love their great design and creative products.  We recently found these adorable Woodland Bag Clips at Mount Rainier National Park.  I immediately donated all of my bag clips to Goodwill.  I'm also eyeing these Travel Map Laundry Bags...


1803 Candles

I know I've mentioned 1803 Candles before, but they're worth another mention.  I love to burn their soy wax candles as I work around the house.  Their wax melts are also very nice.  They weren't far from where we lived in Illinois, but you can also order from them online.  Northwoods Cabin is one of my favorites.


Craigmuir Castle

A couple of weeks ago we visited the Wenatchee Valley Museum & Cultural Center and learned a ton about our area.  We saw some pictures of historic homes and buildings in the town and then drove around to see some of them.  This one is called the Craigmuir Castle, and it's on the market.  It's quite beautiful if you have $2 million.


Hair Romance

I love looking at the Hair Romance blog.  It's a valuable resource for girls with curly hair.  Christina blogs from Australia and posts fantastic tutorials.  Her new ebook is 30 Days of Curly Hairstyles.  With her help, I'm going to challenge myself to do my hair better!


Burstenhaus Redecker Bottle Brush

I got a new bottle brush a while back, and I'm loving it.  It's made by German company Burstenhaus Redecker from beechwood and horsehair.  The horsehair smells a little bit when it's wet - kind of like wool - but I like the texture of the brush, and it's pretty!  (I got mine from Amazon.)


Love & Friendship

Have you heard?  There's a new Jane Austen movie out!  Love & Friendship is based on one of her early works written by way of letters.  Since she only wrote six full novels, it's rare that we get something new.  The film isn't playing in my area, so I may have to travel to see it...


Library of Luminaries: Jane Austen

I went to the fun letter-writing club at the Pickle last week.  Of course I have to purchase something whenever I'm there...  This time a book caught my eye - Library of Luminaries: Jane Austen.  It's an adorable illustrated biography of Jane.  There is so much research based on Jane Austen that it was refreshing to find something simple (and not overly scholarly).  Find it on Amazon here.


Nautical Knot Bracelet

When I was thinking about Young Women activities the other day, I noticed this Nautical Knot Bracelet tutorial on Etsy.  These are so cute, and I think they would be a perfect activity for teenage girls.