Thomas Siciliano, Papermaker

Another out-of-stater at the Best of Missouri Market was Thomas Siciliano, Papermaker, from Minnesota.  He makes handmade paper with embedded plants that have been painted.  His beautiful work can be found in his Etsy shop here.


1933 Designs

1933 Designs participated in the Best of Missouri Market a couple of weeks ago.  Kurt Moeller makes decorative items from old whiskey barrels and sells on Etsy here.  His booth at the Market also featured jewelry and key rings made from old printing press letters.  This photo (from Facebook) shows what his booth looked like at another festival.  At the bottom are gift tags - also made from whiskey barrels.


Indie Mats

I picked up a couple of cute mats from Indie Mats at the Best of Missouri Market.  They are made in Missouri and designed to help you create great wall displays without the cost of framing (or the nail holes in your walls).  The mats come in a variety of sizes and patterns (including some Amy Butler designs) and can be coordinated for multi-picture displays.  I'll have to try mine out and let you know how it looks!


Sprouted Designs

A returning favorite of mine at the Best of Missouri Market was Sprouted Designs.  Amanda Gray-Swain offers lovely screen printed cards, flour sack towels, scarves, and kids' clothes.  Last year I bought a set of dogwood notecards.  This year I saw this bunny design printed on a onesie, and it was so adorable.  You can find Sprouted Designs around St. Louis and in an Etsy shop here.


MG Designs

One booth that caught my eye at the Best of Missouri Market was filled with fabulous pennant pillows.  MG Designs offers decorative pillows made from vintage travel pennants.  Mimi Griffith is based in St. Louis but also has a shop on Etsy.  The St. Louis pillow is vintage inspired and comes in a variety of colors.  


The Whimsical Workshop

The Whimsical Workshop from Ohio was also at the Best of Missouri Market - they opened it to vendors from other states this year.  The Whimsical Workshop had a lovely booth full of beautifully carved birds.  They offered larger and smaller versions on swings.  I liked the cardinals and bluebirds.


Sherwood Linders Luminaries

Another interesting vendor at the Best of Missouri Market was Sherwood Linders Luminaries.  He cuts coffee and soup cans with a torch to make these incredible luminaries.  My grandma always put luminaries along her walk on Christmas Eve, and I loved it so much.  These would be very durable, and they make pretty patterns.


Tinker, Dicker, and Doc

Last Friday we attended the Best of Missouri Market at the Missouri Botanical Garden.  It's always a fun event with lots to see (and taste).  One of the vendors was Tinker, Dicker, & Doc, LLC.  They're based in St. Louis and make candles from soy wax and essential oil.  My favorite was lavender, of course.


Recycled Woollen Rug

Now that it's getting to be colder, I'm thinking about a lovely throw that I bought at Petworth House this summer.  The National Trust offers recycled wool throws (they call them rugs) at the gift shops of many of their properties.  They are made in the UK from recycled wool, which makes them colorful and all different.  (Mine has dark greys and blues and reds.)  They're nice and warm, too!


Dried Lavender

We lost a couple of our lavender plants last winter, but the two that survived did really well this summer.  I dried a bunch to harvest the buds.  I kept some of it to put in a vase, too.  I have really loved growing lavender.  Next year we'll have to plant more!