Amano Studio

We have a new shop in our area called Cypress House.  It is kind of Anthropologie-ish, and it's fantastic.  One of the first things that I noticed there was a cool arrowhead necklace.  It was made by Amano Studio from Sonoma.  They have a great line of Western-inspired jewelry, including these great earrings and necklace (not the same one that I saw).


Everything Oz

We were in Kansas City a week ago, and they have a fun store at the Crown Center that features all things Missouri/Kansas.  I picked up this book to flip through and could not put it down!  Everything Oz is a fantastic collection of crafts and recipes pertaining to The Wizard of Oz.  There are darling upside-down cupcakes with little witch legs sticking out from the bottom and fabulous poppies and these cute Dorothy and Toto dolls.  I ended up ordering a copy from Amazon (much cheaper to buy from a third-party seller), and it should arrive today!  The authors are Brits Christine Leech and Hannah Read-Baldrey - I'll have to learn more about these creative crafters...



I saw some really lovely journals at TJ Maxx the other day.  They were made by Eccolo.  This bee journal is from their web site.  Isn't it so pretty?


Michael Coleman

When I was at the Nauvoo Temple a couple of weeks ago, I noticed a beautiful painting and made a note of the artist's name.  Michael Coleman is a prominent Southwestern artist from Utah, and his work is reminiscent of the Hudson River School.  This one is similar to the one in the temple.


K. Hall Designs

I've posted before about Barr-Co. soap and hand cream and Simpatico perfume and candles.  Well, they all come from a company called K. Hall Studio, Inc.  They opened a shop at Plaza Frontenac called K. Hall Designs, and it is a lovely place.  We were in St. Louis a couple of weeks ago, and I took this picture (secretly).  I think the Simpatico solid perfume is a great idea, and I really liked the Ambergris scent.  I could spend days browsing and smelling all of the beautiful things that they offer.


Car Coasters

One of the things about my new car (new to me, that is) that I don't think was very well thought out is the color of the interior.  It's a black car with a light tan-ish interior.  That's great for the leather seats, but for the carpets not so much.  Also the cup holders seemed to be showing every little bit of fuzz or speck of dirt that came their way.  So to keep them looking presentable I sewed some fun little car coasters.  I just measured the bottom and then sewed some scraps together and trimmed.  (They do have fabric on the back and batting.)  I was happy to use some of the last bits of my favorite squirrel fabric. :)


Trader Joe's Lavender Dryer Bags

I recently picked up a pack of Trader Joe's Lavender Dryer Bags.  They don't work quite like dryer sheets, but they do smell fabulous.  After you use them for 5 or 6 loads, you can sprinkle the lavender buds on your carpet to vacuum up, leaving your home smelling like Provence.  I haven't done that part yet, but they've been very nice in the dryer.  (I borrowed this photo from Apartment Therapy.)


GPS Coordinate Key Chains

Recently I taught a lesson in Young Women's about temples.  For a handout, I made these little key chains.  They have the GPS coordinates for the Chicago Temple.  Most of the girls clipped them onto their purses.  I hope when they see them they'll think about the temple.


Tarte Cosmetics

Earlier this year when I turned 35, I started thinking about a few things.  One was wearing makeup!  And the other was using natural health and beauty products.  So when a couple of my friends accompanied me on my first visit to Ulta, I asked the lady for some options.  She introduced me to Tarte tinted moisturizer.  It has been very easy to use, and I'm pleased with the results.  I also picked up a small tube of Tarte's Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara.  It is fantastic.  (Just don't wear it on a nature hike, like I did.  The natural ingredients seem to attract tiny flies...)


The Last Ship

The week after we returned home from England, we attended the world premiere of Sting's musical, The Last Ship.  It opened in Chicago before heading to Broadway this fall.  Tony thought that if we went on opening night we might see Sting there.  We did.  He was in the back by the soundboard but was never mentioned and never addressed the audience.  We haven't seen many shows, and we were surprised by the foul language (although looking back I shouldn't have been, knowing it was loosely based on Sting's life and involved sailors...).  The songs were very nice, and the show was interesting enough.  The set was pretty cool.  Most of the songs can be found on Sting's latest album by the same name.  I do love Sting's music, though, so I did enjoy the show.