Norma Bassett Hall

The Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture is currently showing an exhibit of Norma Bassett Hall's work.  I really enjoyed learning about this artist when we were in Spokane.  Her block prints are so lovely.  I liked that there were cozy European cottage scenes hung next to quintessential Western scenes.


Squirrel Earrings!

We were in Spokane over the weekend for the NCAA games, and we visited the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture.  More about the exhibits later, but one of the highlights was these adorable squirrel earrings that I found in the gift shop!  Of course I could not pass them up.  They're made by Boma.


Boden Classic Shirt

Do you ever shop British clothiers Boden?  I have admired their catalogs but never purchased anything - until now.  I bought two of the classic shirts.  The colorful one (bottom) came, and I like the fit.  The chambray shirt with maps of the British Isles is on backorder, but I'm excited for it to arrive!  (And, of course, I got them both on sale!)


Teton Cuff Bracelet

One of my husband's colleagues at his former school often wore this incredible cuff bracelet.  She has a daughter who lives in Jackson and bought it when she was visiting so that she could remember the mountains when she returned to Illinois.  I want one!



I decided that I needed some new kitchen utensils.  I opted for wood or metal (no plastic) and found some lovely pieces at World Market and Williams-Sonoma.  Below is the beautiful wooden spoon I ordered from World Market - it's made from olive wood.  Change is good after 17 years, right?



As I've been traveling recently I've gone through the Seattle airport, and I discovered a fun shop called Fireworks.  They have all sorts of lovely little things from jewelry to beauty and home products.  (I even found my favorite Barr hand cream!)  Check out this cute cosmetic bag and bunny lip gloss.


Haiku for Dad

March 8th was the first anniversary of my dad's passing.  It is unfathomable to me, but I often still feel his presence, like the mountain that filled the view of my childhood.


Zara Tops

Do you shop at Zara?  I never have, but I saw a blouse in a magazine that made me look up their web site.  They have tops with the loveliest prints (like these).


Snow Effect, Damvillers

Each time I have encountered the artwork of Jule Bastien-Lepage I have been really drawn to it.  I love his work.  Snow Effect, Damvillers is a piece at the Legion of Honor Art Museum in San Francisco.  I loved seeing it.


I Love You, California

While we were in San Francisco, we saw a lot of products with this adorable "I Love You, California" logo.  It was inspired by the artwork from the cover of the state song, published in 1913.  At the San Francisco Mercantile you can find it on everything from pint glasses to tote bags.  So cute.


Bee's Wrap

We went to San Francisco over Presidents Day weekend, and saw an interesting product at the Oxbow Public Market in Napa.  Bee's Wrap is advertised as sustainable food storage.  I find this interesting, because it has been almost impossible for me to stop using plastic sandwich bags and food wrap.  Bee's Wrap is cloth coated in beeswax, so you can use the heat of your hands to seal the cloth when you wrap a sandwich or other food.  I want to find out if it works well, but I'm on board with how cute it is!