Special Plate

Does your family have a "special plate?"  Growing up we always had a red plate that we got to eat off when we did something special.  Our was usually just red or red with hearts, but this one's kind of fun.  I don't have one now, but I know that at least one of my sisters has one for her kids.  Positivity is always good.


Glass Drink Dispenser

My husband has been thinking about getting a glass drink dispenser for a while now, but we were never satisfied with the ones that we found in stores around here.  So, when I was in Utah I happened to find this one from Pottery Barn, monogrammed with a letter T, at DownEast for $36.  It is the large one, and it's nice, and the spigot is metal (one of my husband's requirements).  If you buy it directly from Pottery Barn, it's about $85 monogrammed - so I'm very happy with my steal of a deal!


Friday Featured Art: Stamen Maps

I think I found this on Pinterest...  Stamen's web site allows you to type in a place and then select a beautiful watercolor image of a map to print.  This is Paris.


Thursday Text: Nutshell Library

I think everyone should have a set of Maurice Sendak's Nutshell Library.  Do you remember these stories from when you were young?  The set includes "Alligators All Around," "Chicken Soup with Rice," "One Was Johnny," and "Pierre."  Such fun stories and drawings.


Happy Pioneer Day!

Every time I make the trek out to Utah I think about the pioneers.  It can be a difficult journey by car - I can only imagine what they went through on foot with all of their belongings and their families.  This home in Nauvoo once belonged to one of my ancestors (Winslow Farr).  I'm so grateful that they weren't afraid to leave all of their comforts and make a new life where they could put their beliefs into practice.  Yea, pioneers!


Echino Decoro

Also when I was out West and we were leaving the fabric store, this fabric caught my eye, and I had to get some.  Echino Decoro by Kokka Fabrics is whimsical (as my niece would say) and so fun.  Now the question is what should I make with it?


Lamb Sweater

When I was in Utah my mom and I visited DownEast.  I really loved this sweater, but they didn't have it in my size - so my mom got it.  So cute!


Friday Featured Art: Winter Quarters

My sister drove back home with me from Utah - only sisters can be happy together for four days on the road!  On our journey we stopped at Winter Quarters near Omaha.  There is a beautiful monument in the Pioneer Cemetery there, designed by Avard Tennyson Fairbanks.  I had forgotten how lovely his work is.


Thursday Text: Great Children's Stories

Did you have this book as a child?  I saw it at my sister's house and was reminded how great the stories really are.  (The Bremen Town Musicians, The Billy Goats Gruff...)  It looks like it's getting hard to find a copy, though.


Anna Maria Horner Voile

Sorry to have been missing for a few days - I've been out West!  While I was there, I picked up some of Anna Maria Horner's lovely voile.  This is the Square Dance design from the Little Folks line.  I was planning to use some as a kerchief for camp, but it may be too pretty...


Friday Featured Art: Manti Temple Murals

I have not been to the Manti Temple, but I'm starting to think that I need to plan a visit.  Apparently they have murals by C.C.A. Christiansen AND Minerva Teichert.  This is a sketch by Teichert for one of the walls (borrowed from here).  The color looks so amazing.



Thursday Text: Victor Hugo?

I was going through some family papers and found the funeral programs for my great grandparents.  They had a quote on the front that was attributed to Victor Hugo.  In searching for the origin, I have only been finding it referenced in religious texts that may or may not be correctly identifying the quote.  I thought it was interesting, though, and so I'll share it.  (I found this version online.)


Replica Embroidery Scissors

The last time we were in Nauvoo I picked up a pair of embroidery scissors at one of the shops.  They were actually from the Victorian Trading Co.  They're going to make the little cross-stitch I'm working on a lot more fancy!



Dirty Diet Coke

I'm starting to wonder if this is just a Utah thing...  My sister introduced me to dirty Diet Coke: made with a shot of coconut syrup and a squeeze of lime.  Yum!  Find this photo and instructions at Our Best Bites.

Dirty Diet Coke from Our Best Bites


Nate Berkus at Target

Have you seen the Nate Berkus line at Target?  They've had his stuff for a while now, and I think it's very nice.  I like how his world travels play a part in the designs.


Thursday Text: Wrenard of St. Paul's

I have been trying so hard - with no luck - to find a picture that we saw at St. Pauls' Cathedral in London.  It was a photo of a fox who was living in the cathedral.  They caught him and took him to a wildlife hospital until he could be released but not before he inspired a children's book.  Wrenard of St. Paul's by Robin Ollington is a cute little book about an adventurous fox.  {Happy Independence Day!}


Lunch Skins

Have you seen these?  Lunch Skins are reusable sandwich bags made from food-safe fabric - and they're dishwasher safe.  What a great idea!


Love Story

I finally watched the 1970 classic Love Story.  I couldn't get over how much Ali MacGraw looks like Angie Harmon (or the other way around), but I did really like it.  Have you seen it?


Lindt Fiorettos

I tried a peach Lindt Fioretto the other day, and it was divine.  It's a peach and passion fruit filling surrounded by white chocolate and crisped rice.  Yum!