Thursday Tunes: Karelia

We went to the Chicago Symphony Orchestra last week, and one of the pieces was Sibelius. It was the Karelia Suite. I really liked the second movement (the ballade).



Today is my husband's birthday. The keychain that I gave him 8 years ago (before we were married) finally broke, so I made him a new one. I wanted to make it classy and masculine at the same time. I hope he likes it!


Herb Soap

Have you seen the soap article in the April issue of Martha Stewart Living? The soaps are made with fruits and herbs and are beautiful. I really want to make some. This soap is made using basil.


New World Home

Country Living magazine has partnered with New World Home to design some really fabulous manufactured homes. They use old world designs and new world technology to make the homes stylish and efficient. I think it's an interesting idea - I wonder how the pricing compares...


Friday Featured Art: Bluebird

Joe has a bunch of really great new works available - including some lovely oils. I would like to have this beautiful watercolor of the Bluebird. It brings back a lot of good memories of Logan.


Thursday Text: Hopi Proverb

Here's a Hopi proverb that we saw when we were in the Southwest:

Wisdom comes only when you stop looking for it and start living the life the Creator intended for you.


Navajo Doll

The other souvenir that I brought home from the Southwest was this Navajo doll. It is handmade and is designed to display traditional Navajo dress. I think she's pretty cute.


Turquoise Ring

When I was 11, my mom gave me a turquoise ring that her father had given her when she was 11. Sadly, it no longer fits my finger. So when we were in the Southwest, I searched for one that could be a replacement. I finally found a Navajo-made ring at a shop in Mt. Carmel Junction, Utah (not far from Zion).



I ended up not posting last week because I was down for three days with the flu. I'm feeling much better, but my house really turned into a disaster following my trip and my illness... I'm trying to get things back in order, but I also have some final projects due in my class, and I'm feeling rather overwhelmed about it all. So now I'm dreaming about being back in sunny southern Utah. What do you do when you're overwhelmed?



We returned Saturday from a week in the Southwest. It was a lovely spring break trip. We flew into Las Vegas and then drove 1500 miles through northern Arizona and southern Utah. Our first night was spent at the Bellagio, and it was very nice. Here's a shot of their famous glass ceiling.


Royal Wedding China

When we were in the UK I really admired the beautiful china. I only purchased one small plate for my mom - I wish I would have got more! In any case, the Royal Collection has created an official line for the royal wedding. I think it's lovely.


Friday Featured Etsy Seller: Galerie De Illuminata

Mikel Robinson's Etsy shop Galerie De Illuminata has some really fascinating mixed media collage pieces. I really love this one called Evening with the big tree and birds - and how cute is that bunny?


Thursday Tunes: The Lower Lights

Have you heard the music of the Lower Lights? The group includes Mindy Gledhill and Ryan Tilby and does really great folk renditions of hymns. You can sample their music on their web site - I think I should get the album...


Homemade Stickers

I have a bunch of sheets of 1" round stickers, so I decided to put them to use. I downloaded the template and then used clipart from Dover and the Graphics Fairy to customize them. Since I was able to save the files in Word, I'll be able to print more any time!


Michael Aram

The last time I was downtown at the Macy's on State Street, I found some really incredible serving/table pieces by Michael Aram. I love how this black orchid bowl and napkin rings are really solid but whimsical at the same time.


Homemade Crane Note Cards

When we were in St. Louis we visited the fabulous Plaza Frontenac. They have a Crane paper store that has a lot of great stationery. It was rather expensive, though, so I opted to make my own. I used stamps and gold embossing powder and a heating tool. I really like how the ones with nests turned out.


Friday Featured Art: Kings, Queens, and Courtiers

Last Friday I was in Chicago and got to go to the member preview of the new exhibit at the Art Institute. It's called Kings, Queens, and Courtiers, and features art of renaissance France. It was a really great exhibit and included a lovely Da Vinci piece. This is a vessel that was made to hold the heart of Anne of Brittany.


Thursday Text: On a March Day

I took this picture on Monday after we had some rain that froze and made everything look really pretty. Here's a poem by Sara Teasdale.

Here in the teeth of this triumphant wind
That shakes the naked shadows on the ground,
Making a key-board of the earth to strike
From clattering tree and hedge a separate sound,

Bear witness for me that I loved my life,
All things that hurt me and all things that healed,
And that I swore it this day in March,
Here at the edge of this new-broken field.

You only knew me, tell them I was glad
For every hour since my hour of birth,
And that I ceased to fear, as once I feared,
The last complete reunion with the earth.


Any Human Heart

Did you watch Any Human Heart on Masterpiece? The story was interesting. I liked that one of the stars was Matthew Macfadyen. I really liked him in the Pride and Prejudice that had Keira Knightley as Elizabeth.


House Plants

When we were at the Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis, I bought a few house plants. I got this jade plant and the fittunia below and a fluffy fern. I've never had house plants. I hope they'll survive!