Jailhouse Rock

We got sucked into watching Jailhouse Rock on TCM the other day, and it was so great.  It doesn't get any better than Elvis in the '50s.


L'epice Spice Kitchen

A week and a half ago we were down in Richland and had lunch at L'epice Spice Kitchen.  It was so delicious!  Here's a photo of my quiche.  Tony had a rosemary waffle with bbq pulled pork on top.  Yum!


Jim Tunell Photography

The other vendor who piqued my interest at the craft fair was Jim Tunell and his compelling photography.  I loved his images of the West.  Check them out at indianscowboys.com.


Rusty Birds

Last weekend there was a craft fair here in Wenatchee.  I bought one thing, and it was this cute little bunny plant stake.  We have missed our little bunnies since we moved here from the Midwest.  Rusty Birds has lots of cute plant stakes, birds to mount, and even squirrels!


Indianapolis Temple

The Indianapolis Temple recently opened, and from what I can see online, it looks so beautiful.  The murals were done by Michael Albrechtsen.  (He's my favorite.)  The main design motif is the blossom of a tulip poplar tree.  I love the designs and the colors.


Jax Kelly

When my mom and sister were here we visited Tumbleweed, one of the fun shops here in Wenatchee.  I picked up a pair of Jax Kelly earrings.  They look like these gold-dipped studs but with turquoise as the stones.  And don't you love this necklace?  It's a slice of amethyst!


Caldrea Glass Hand Soap

I really love the fragrances from Caldrea, and now their hand soap is available in beautiful, refillable glass bottles.  This one is Black Coriander Lime.


Gustave Caillebotte

My husband has some business in Washington, D.C., coming up, so we thought we'd see what's going on at the National Gallery.  They are having an exhibit of works by Gustave Caillebotte.  They have Paris Street, Rainy Day on loan from the Art Institute of Chicago, and I liked The Boulevard Seen from Above (below).


Curly Girl Design

My mom and sister were in town over the weekend, and it was so fun!  We loved visiting Pickle Papers.  I discovered a cute line called Curly Girl Design.  Isn't this card so great?