Friday Featured Etsy Seller: Whitney Smith

I don't remember how I stumbled upon Whitney Smith's pottery shop on Etsy, but I'm so glad I did. Her work is gorgeous. Look how sweet the little bird cake stand is. I really wish my birthday was coming up so that I could ask for the dogwood sugar and creamer set!


Thursday Tunes: U2

I know it's old, but I really love U2's All That You Can't Leave Behind album. I was listening to it a lot in 2002 after I was widowed, and so many of the songs had deep meaning to me. As Bono said, "There's a defiance in rock music that gives you a reason to get out of bed in the morning."


Eliza Magazine

I haven't actually seen a copy of Eliza Magazine yet, but from their description I think I would like it.

Eliza Magazine is created for women who want to be stylish, sexy, and engaged in the world while retaining high standards in dress, entertainment, and lifestyle. Eliza strives to bring you the best of fashion without any of the trash. We will not uncover the sexual secrets to make him want you, promote people who are glitz with no substance, or glorify lifestyles that we know do not bring happiness. We are dedicated to finding up-and-coming fashion lines, showcasing pieces that are worth the big price tags, and discover deals that are just as hip at your local low-end department stores−along with presenting articles on uplifting entertainment, current issues, creative ideas, and life in general.


Frank Thomas House

The Frank Thomas house in Oak Park, Illinois, is our favorite Frank Lloyd Wright-designed residence. It was built in 1901 and was the beginning of Wright's 'prairie style.' On our honeymoon to Chicago in May of 2004, we participated in the annual Wright Plus housewalk in Oak Park. We were able to see many fascinating homes and hope that the Frank Thomas house will be on the tour in the future.


Martha Stewart at Macy's

Like a lot of people, I am a lover of all things Martha Stewart. I've been browsing her Macy's collection online and now really need to get to the store. It is all so beautiful. I especially love the vintage blue Kitchenaid mixer!


Friday Featured Etsy Seller: ES Designs

Another of my early Etsy favorites is Elizabeth Scott and her shop ES Designs. Her silver botanical jewelry is so pretty. I especially love that she uses hydrangea petals and ginkgo leaves - they are a fun part of living in the Midwest. (And, of course, the aspen leaves remind me of the West!)


Thursday Tunes: Nickel Creek

The band and album that I want to highlight this week is Nickel Creek - Why Should the Fire Die? This trio is so incredibly talented. Their instruments and harmonies are joy to my ears. If you don't know this album you should get to know it.


Antiques and Oddities Architectural Salvage

We're back from a whirlwind weekend trip to New York! It was our first ever, and it was tons of fun. I saw the Hermes store in the financial district and a big Anthropologie store (I don't remember where) and the Trek Navigator that I posted about sitting outside a Europa Cafe where we stopped for a snack.

We are just starting to get caught up from being away, so I'll be back to posting. Antiques and Oddities Architectural Salvage is a place that we found in Kansas City not far from the Union Station. The first time we visited we stayed for hours. (Well, at least one.) They have incredible doors and leaded glass windows and light fixtures and mantels and doorknobs and everything you would need to make your home an awesome place to be.


Friday Featured Etsy Seller: Alicia Bock

If you haven't yet seen Alicia Bock's photography, you are missing out. Her 'through the viewfinder' botanical series is ethereal. I love them all.

Thursday Tunes: Rubyhorse

(Since we'll be out of town for a few days, my Thursday and Friday posts are coming early.) Rubyhorse is a band that came from Ireland and ended up in Boston. They seem to not be around anymore, but I really love their album "Goodbye to All That." I stumbled upon them after noticing a picture of Viv Campbell (Def Leppard guitarist and fellow Ireland native) wearing one of their t-shirts. Sample some of their songs - they have a great mellow sound.


The first that I heard of Hermes was after their incident with Oprah. Jessica Jones posted on her blog, How About Orange, about how you could go to their web site and print out a PDF to fold and make your own Kelly bag. Their web site is full of so many wonderful things - I could get lost on there for hours (well, at least one hour). I thought the horse was fascinating.



With my interest in all things Arts and Crafts, it's no surprise that I love Stickley furniture. This spindle Morris chair would satisfy my childhood dream of owning a big brown leather chair to read in.


Mormon Historic Sites Registry

The Mormon Historic Sites Registry has an excellent web site for finding Church history sites. They include photos and personal accounts and maps and directions. We've been able to find some interesting places not too far from here and have enjoyed our opportunities to learn about some of the experiences of the early Church.



I know that everyone knows that Anthropologie is an awesome store. My little sister told me all about it when it first opened at the Gateway in Salt Lake a few years ago. I think I love their earrings and home fixtures the most, but pretty much everything that they carry is inspiring. When we moved to Missouri I was happy to discover Anthropologie at the Plaza in Kansas City!


Friday Featured Etsy Seller: South Street Designs

When I first discovered Etsy, I found the shop of Julie Joliat: South Street Designs. I immediately purchased two pairs of earrings. Her work is so great! The photography is inspiring, and her wire wrapping is exquisite. Here are a couple of pieces from her shop.


Thursday Tunes: The 5 Browns

My sisters introduced me to the music of the 5 Browns when I was home visiting (in Utah) last year. The very next week they (the 5 Browns) played a concert at the University of Missouri, which (thanks to my wonderful husband) I was able to attend. It was incredible. These concert pianist siblings are simply amazing. Below is a video of them playing "The Firebird" (one of my favorites from the concert) on the salt flats in Utah (which is also their home state).


Trek Navigator

The other day as we were riding our bikes on the Katy Trail, I started thinking how tired it makes you to have to bend over when riding a mountain bike. I also realized that as much as I try to think of myself as a bike enthusiast, I really am a casual biker. I ride around town and on the Trail (which is pretty flat) and use about 5 of my 24 gears. All of that being said, I looked up cruiser-style bikes, and I really like this Trek Navigator. It looks really comfortable, still has 7 speeds, and is made by Trek! I'll have to save my money.


Canon 3D Papercraft

A couple of weeks ago I saw a post on Jessica Jones's blog, How About Orange, that talked about printable paper crafts from Canon. Their web site is incredible. You can print and make animals, toys, famous architecture, and even Charles Lindbergh and his Spirit of St. Louis airplane!


Kate Spade

Of course I love Kate Spade's line of accessories, but the really fascinating part of her web site is the Behind the Curtain section. There are great ideas about their projects and inspiration. Right now they have a visual gallery called Things We Love. So fun.


The Pre-Raphaelites

One of my favorite movements in art is the Pre-Raphaelite movement of the late 1800s/early 1900s. A prominent figure was Dante Gabriel Rossetti, who painted the picture below. An oft-appearing subject was Jane, the wife of William Morris. Last year we saw an exhibit at the St. Louis Art Museum of works on loan from the Delaware Art Museum, which boasts an extensive Pre-Raphaelite collection including this painting and the chair below - built by William Morris.


1000 Dutch Delights

I really don't remember how I stumbled across the 1000 Dutch Delights web site, but it is a real treat. The photography is stunning and makes me want to go to the Netherlands more than ever.