English Fields Quilt

I finally finished a quilt that I dreamed up in 2009 when we first visited England.  I wanted to make a patchwork quilt that would look like the farms and fields of the English countryside.  It took me a while to figure out how to incorporate some diagonal pieces along with the rectangles (and to gather all of the green fabric).  I sewed straight rows through the quilt to look like furrows.  Last year when we visited England, I bought a ball of yarn made from the wool of the sheep at Blenheim Palace.  I used it to tie the quilt randomly so that it would look like lambs in pairs or threes.  I like the effect that it created on the back.


Parks Canada

Last year Parks Canada, which administers the national parks of Canada, launched a line of clothing and gifts that helps to raise money for the parks.  What a great idea!  I saw some of their gear while we were in Ontario.  I like their beaver logo.



We recently returned from a short trip up to Canada.  On the drive home, we passed through Cleveland and discovered a great restaurant called Choolaah.  It's like Naf Naf but Indian!  (Or, like Chipotle but Indian...)  I had paneer tikka masala, and it was really good - not too spicy.


Ogut Nature's Turkish Delight

We recently found some Ogut Nature's Turkish Delight at our (sort-of) local Mediterranean grocer.  We got the pistachio and pomegranate kind, and I loved it because it was more similar to the really good Turkish delight that we had in Istanbul.  It is in round strips that are cut, like the ones in this picture.  They were delicious, but they are impossible to find online.


Cherry Pitter

Do you like cherries?  They are so good right now!  We have especially enjoyed the Rainier cherries that have popped up at our local stores.  But we decided that cherries needed to be easier to eat - so we got this handy cherry pitter from Williams-Sonoma.  It's amazing.  I don't know why no one thought of this before!