If you've been to Target lately, you might have noticed some plaid.  It has taken over the store!  I think it's so fun.  It's on everything from mouthwash to mixing bowls.  Don't you love plaid?


Ryan Adams 1989

Have you heard that Ryan Adams did a cover of Taylor Swift's entire 1989 album?  It's pretty great.  I especially liked Bad Blood.  You can listen to the whole thing on YouTube (below).


The First Phone Call from Heaven

My husband's dad tends to buy books and then hand them off to us.  I have to admit that I haven't read very many of them... but I did read Mitch Albom's The First Phone Call from Heaven.  I like him as a writer.  His stories are interesting (and it's a quick read).


Liberty Art Fabrics: Lotta

I just bought a piece of this lovely Liberty fabric from LibertyCharms.  It's a new design for this season called Lotta.  I love the little critters and the folksy feel.  Apparently the Finnish designer researched the BBC's production of Pride and Prejudice for this print.  It's also available in other colorways - see them on Liberty's site here.


All the Light We Cannot See

On our 2000-mile move to Washington I was driving alone in my car - so I thought an audiobook would help.  I listened to All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr.  This Pulitzer Prize-winning novel was so fascinating.  It's set during World War II and has an interesting and complex story line.  There were some bad words that I wasn't prepared for and a couple of crude scenes (having to do with the war), so I'm not sure if I would recommend it to everyone.  The writing is superb, though, and the language and structure of the book are really absorbing.


Emily Winfield Martin

One of the discoveries that I made at Pickle Papers was Emily Winfield Martin.  My niece loves things that she calls "whimsy," and Emily Winfield Martin seems to be an expert.  She is a lovely illustrator.  You can find her prints and postcards in her Etsy shop: The Black Apple.  And you can read her blog here.  (I really love this print - it makes me miss my Illinois bunnies and squirrels!)


Pickle Papers

I've been venturing out a bit in my new town and found a really lovely shop in the historic downtown called Pickle Papers.  They have all sorts of cards and journals and wrapping paper and everything paper-related.  You can see some of their goodies on their blog here (like this gift wrap from Rifle).


Breadline Cafe

The college where my husband is working has a little satellite campus in Omak, WA.  It's a tiny town, but it has a fabulous restaurant: the Breadline Cafe.  I snapped this photo when we were there for lunch one day.  They bake all of their own breads and have delicious sandwiches and potato salad, etc.  And it's such a cute place.


Queen Bee Blouse

My new town has a Target, thank goodness.  When I was there the other day I noticed this lovely green blouse with a queen bee print.  How fun!  The fabric and neckline made it a little too pajama-ish for my taste, but I love the fabric design and color.


Pybus Public Market

I'm back!  We've been busy over the past month or so with a 2000-mile move, and we now reside in Wenatchee, Washington.  One of the great things about our new town is the Pybus Public Market.  It's modeled on Seattle's Pike Place Market (on a much smaller scale).  There are fantastic restaurants and shops and fresh produce.  I took this picture in July when we were looking for a place to live out here, but we have been back many times!