Striped Sweater

SpongeBob says, "The best time to wear a striped sweater is all the time," and I have to agree!  I love Breton stripes.  This Brooks Brothers sweater is so fun with the addition of red tulips.  And it's on sale...!



Do you remember Monchhichi dolls from the '80s?  I loved mine.  So I was so surprised when my mom recently got me a new one!  She found this little girl one (bottom) for me in Oregon.  In case you were wondering, they are Japanese monkey dolls...


Michael Workman

I noticed some beautiful giclee prints hanging on the walls at Sundance.  They were by Michael Workman.  You can see his work here.  He paints lovely scenes of the West.



We visited Sundance Mountain Resort while we were in Utah.  I had been there a number of times in my youth but not recently...  We had lunch at the Foundry Grill, and it was fantastic.  We did see Robert Redford!  He was wandering around talking with people who were there for some kind of event.  (I didn't take a picture because I thought that might violate the sanctity of his mountain home... :) )  We also saw some cornflowers.  I loved that because I thought they only grew in England!


Kodiak Cakes

Have you ever had waffles or pancakes made from a Kodiak Cakes mix?  They were my dad's favorite.  They're from Park City, Utah, and while we were traveling out West we discovered their granola.  We got little containers that you can enjoy hot or cold (after adding milk).  I also got a box of Power Cakes mix to make waffles at home.  Yum!


Paine Products

One of my husband's souvenirs from Yellowstone was a box of balsam incense made by Paine Products of Maine.  Now our house can smell like the forest year-round!


Old Faithful by Paco Young

We've been out West again.  We drove this time and spent a couple of days in Yellowstone on the way.  It was so great.  We got to stay in the Old Faithful Inn (the east wing) and eat in the historic dining room.  I admired this painting of Old Faithful by Paco Young.  It hangs on the fireplace in the dining room.  (I borrowed this picture from yellowstone-notebook.com.)


Yay! Life!

I recently discovered these fun magnets in a gift shop.  I was totally going to get the "Yay! Mountains!" until I saw the "Yay! Squirrels!"...  The web site for the company offers magnets for pretty much anything you can think of, and they ask, "What's your Yay! thing?"


Baby by Patricia MacLachlan

My sisters and nephews are great at making book recommendations.  One of them recently suggested Baby by Patricia MacLachlan.  Apparently it was one of the last books that my dad read.  It's a quick read, and it's lovely.


Still Life

A week ago when I flew to Utah I thought I'd download a movie to watch on the plane.  I watched Still Life, and it was so fascinating.  The film stars Eddie Marsan as a council worker who searches for the next of kin of people who died alone.  Joanne Froggatt (of Downton Abbey) makes an appearance, but it's mostly a slow and thought-provoking film.



I decided to outsmart the ants that love my peonies and always get in my house when I cut a bouquet...  This year I cut the peonies before they opened!  I'm hoping they'll open inside - with no ants.  (The glass jar says Crown Imperial - I found it in Canada last summer.)


Reprodepot Pattern Book

One of my sisters gave me a really great Mother's Day gift: the Flora Reprodepot Pattern Book.  I don't know if she realizes how perfect it was for me.  It's a collection of vintage-inspired textile designs complete with a CD of all of the patterns.  I see more creating in my future!


Bluebird of Happiness

I was in Utah over the weekend for a funeral, and I got to spend some time with my mom.  We went to Rainbow Gardens and picked up some delicious Mormon Muffins and bought each other a Bluebird of Happiness.  They come from Terra Studios.  Do you have one?