Liberty in Fashion

To celebrate 140 years of Liberty, the Fashion and Textile Museum in London is staging an exhibit through the end of February titled "Liberty in Fashion."  It looks like they'll also have some really great classes to go along with the exhibit.  I think that we should all celebrate the 140th anniversary by getting or giving some Liberty fabric for Christmas!



I do not want to sound like a salesman - that is never my intention on this blog - but I have something to share!  I recently discovered Graze, a company that sends you awesome (nutritious) snacks through the mail.  The thing that drew me in was the fact that they have flapjacks!  If you've ever been to England, you know that they are NOT pancakes.  They're delicious, soft, chewy, oaty granola bar things.  Anyway, with Graze, you tell them a bit about what you like and don't like and then they send you some snacks.  You can do a 4-pack or 8-pack box and get it weekly or every other week or once a month.  You can also order larger bags with some of your favorites.  If you use the following Graze coupon code, you'll get your 1st and 5th free: ANNET9H4B


A Way with Words

Do you listen to the NPR show "A Way with Words?"  I never have, but while we were in Phoenix we heard Martha Barnette (one of the hosts) speak, and it was sooo interesting.  The program is all about language.  I think I may have to start listening!


Midnight Planetarium Watch

I recently saw an ad in a magazine for Van Cleef and Arpels' Midnight Planetarium Watch.  If I were ever to spend $198,000 on a watch, this would be it.  (Haha...)  The date is indicated around the outside with the months in French.  The planets on the face revolve around the sun in real time (according to their genuine rate of rotation).  Interesting and beautiful.


Dean Mitchell

One painting that I noticed at the Phoenix Art Museum was by Dean Mitchell.  It was a watercolor that reminded me a bit of my brother-in-law Joe's work.  So I asked if he had heard of Mitchell, and apparently his work has influenced Joe, and they are both represented by the same gallery.


The Fractured Prune

Also in Phoenix we discovered The Fractured Prune.  It's a doughnut place that is pretty fantastic.  When we ordered our treats, we felt like they were expensive and took a long time - but when we got them we understood why...  They make them hot when you order, and the flavors and toppings are tasty.  I had one with honey glaze, cinnamon sugar, and mini chocolate chips.  Yum!


Thorne Rooms at the Phoenix Art Museum

My husband had a conference in Phoenix last weekend.  Although I had spent most of my life in Utah, I had never been to Phoenix!  We took advantage of a break to go to the Phoenix Art Museum.  They don't have many famous pieces, but they do have 20 of the Thorne Miniature Rooms (Chicago has 68).  They were fun to see.


The Year of Magical Thinking

My friend gave me a copy of Joan Didion's The Year of Magical Thinking after my father's death earlier this year.  I didn't know who Didion was before reading it.  It's a memoir that she wrote about the year following her husband's sudden death.  There are many aspects of Didion's life to which I cannot relate - but I think that anyone who has experienced grief can relate to the grief of another (even if it manifests in different ways - grief is unique to each of us).


Secret Squirrel Cake

Have you been watching The Great British Baking Show?  I think my favorite thing so far this season has been Frances' secret squirrel cake (of course!).  The finale will be this weekend on PBS.



I can't officially say that I'm an Adele fan - I don't own any of her music.  But every time I hear her, I really love her voice.  I'm sure you've heard her new single - who hasn't?  So good.