Love & Friendship

Have you heard?  There's a new Jane Austen movie out!  Love & Friendship is based on one of her early works written by way of letters.  Since she only wrote six full novels, it's rare that we get something new.  The film isn't playing in my area, so I may have to travel to see it...


Library of Luminaries: Jane Austen

I went to the fun letter-writing club at the Pickle last week.  Of course I have to purchase something whenever I'm there...  This time a book caught my eye - Library of Luminaries: Jane Austen.  It's an adorable illustrated biography of Jane.  There is so much research based on Jane Austen that it was refreshing to find something simple (and not overly scholarly).  Find it on Amazon here.


Nautical Knot Bracelet

When I was thinking about Young Women activities the other day, I noticed this Nautical Knot Bracelet tutorial on Etsy.  These are so cute, and I think they would be a perfect activity for teenage girls.


Tilly and the Buttons

I picked up a recent copy of Mollie Makes the other day, and I really loved looking through it.  One thing that caught my eye was a skirt pattern by Tilly and the Buttons.  Tilly's web site is fabulous.  It's full of patterns and tutorials and help for sewing clothing that you would actually want to wear.  There's even a guide for designing your own fabric.  I think I will be spending a lot of time learning from such an amazing seamstress.


Moonstruck Drinking Chocolate

I found some of this Moonstruck Drinking Chocolate by Sunshine Dairy at our grocery store on closeout.  It was so delicious and a great deal, but now they don't have it anymore!  I'll have to check around.  Best chocolate milk ever.


Liberty Bias Tape

I posted about these wool blankets from the Purl about a year ago, and I'm thinking of them again.  They sell the Liberty bias tape in their shop, and it's so lovely.  I think this would be a fun project!


Flower Bouquet Garland

I've been looking into the Liberty paper goods a bit more, and the Meri Meri shop that they are sold through is so cute.  I especially liked this flower bouquet garland.  (But it's sold out!)


Victoria and Albert Museum Fabric by Rowan

I loved the few pieces of Victoria and Albert fabric that I bought at Suppose so much, but the fabric is so hard to find online.  I turned to Etsy and found a few sources and ordered about 8 or 9 yards (including these designs)!  You can find some at the adorably-named FlyingBulldogs Etsy shop here.



As we drove back to Washington from Utah a couple of weeks ago, we stopped in the Pendleton Mill Store.  Of course we love their clothing and blankets, but we could not afford anything - until I found some fabric by the yard.  This lovely 100% wool was $5.99/yard!  I, of course, made a zipper pouch with some of it (lined with Liberty).



I got a new sewing machine, and I've been putting it to good use!  My first project was a tie for my husband.  (Pattern from the Purl here.)

Then I made some of these cute travel Kleenex pouches.  (Pattern from A Spoonful of Sugar here.)

This little pattern was so great that I was able to adapt it for other pouches!  I made this little Swiss dot pouch for my phone.

And then I made one for my Kindle out of some of the fabulous Victoria and Albert fabric from Rowan.


Pearl Earrings

My sweet grandma passed away, and her funeral was held a week ago.  She was so glamorous and lovely.  When each granddaughter turned 16, she gave her classic pearl earring studs.  I think everyone should have a pair.  (photo from Macys.com)