Creative Device Covers

I stumbled across a slideshow of felt gadget covers on Yahoo, and I thought these two were especially fun.  Have you made anything personalized for your device?
Felt Tech Case: Harry Potter Kindle Cover 

 Felt Tech Case: Dr. Who Tardis Phone Cover


Orange Blossom Honey French Liquid Soap

We were in the neighborhood of Trader Joe's the other day and stopped in for about five minutes.  (Not long enough!)  We got some of this lovely soap - they call it Trader Jacque's (ha, ha) French Liquid Soap.  The scent is orange blossom honey, and it is so nice.


Savings Plan

Now that we're well into the new year, are you thinking about saving?  Last year as we prepared for our trip to England we wanted to save some food and/or souvenir money.  I made this jar, and we saved $1 the first week and $2 the second week and $3 the third week...  We kept it up for 25 weeks, and at the end we had $325!  Some of the last few weeks I had to be kind of creative with the groceries (since that was where the money was coming from).  If you save for 25 weeks, the most that you have to save in one week is $25 - so it's a great short-term plan.  I may have to start it up again!


Sweet Salt Skirt

The other thing that I found in Utah was this lovely skirt from Sweet Salt.  (I bought it at Seagull Book, so I got a good deal!)  I really love the floral designs that are popping up everywhere.


Caldrea Aloe Water Apricot

When we were in Utah we visited Smith and Edwards.  If you've ever been there, you know that you never know what you'll find!  It started as an Army-Navy surplus and always has interesting things.  I found a bottle of Caldrea Aloe Water Apricot lotion for $5!  It smells so good.


Oatmeal Mix

Did you have a good Christmas?  We did.  I never know what to give my neighbors, so I was excited when I saw an easy recipe for oatmeal mix in Sunset magazine.  (I'll have to find it again and post all of the ingredients...)  I mixed up some oats, brown sugar, cranberries, and dried apricots and put it into jars - and that was it!  Easy.  And one of my neighbors said that she likes it, so that's a good sign!