Chicago Dogs

When we were in Chicago for the lecture at the Art Institute, we got Chicago dogs for dinner. They are delicious. The place that we went to is a little hole-in-the-wall place probably no more than 9 feet wide. But their dogs and their fries were so good. Here's what makes a Chicago dog:

an all-beef frankfurter
relish (I chop up fresh cucumbers)
chopped onions
a pickle spear or slice
tomato slices (I usually chop these up, too)
yellow mustard
celery salt
a poppyseed bun (hard to find, but they have them at Jewel around here)



dani said...

ohhh. i think that looks sooo good! you do FUN things! i love your posts!

ANNE said...

We're lucky to live within about an hour of Chicago but still far enough that we can have more of a rural lifestyle. It's great!