Friday Featured Etsy Seller: She's Crafty

Last year I learned how to knit - just well enough to make a washcloth. My sister, Beth, also learned how to knit last year, but now she is on to wonderful cupcake hats and such. Today's Etsy seller is a knitter. The She's Crafty shop is exquisite. They're kind of in transition right now, but I'm sure that you can expect great things to come. Also, visit her blog for ideas and for a free Vintage Pixie Cap pattern!


dani said...

i love this. i want one for my adult sized body.

Jake and Jana Chambers said...

Anne.. Hey I came across your comment on Dani's blog. It is fun to see yours. I love those earings. How are you? And if you figure out how to make those slippers let me know.. I want to make a pair! Also, last night I was listening to the song Grow Old Along with Me and thought of you! Have a great week!

ANNE said...

Hooray for Dani and Jana! I always secretly wished that Sara's friends were my friends - maybe it's coming true.

(Jana: Hooray for Peter B!)