Bedroom Makeover

For Christmas I did a bedroom makeover.  I have a few last things to work on, but here's the new look.  One thing that you can't see is the new knobs I got from Hobby Lobby for the nightstands.  (We have one on each side with matching lamps.)  The lamps are from WalMart, the rug runner is from Target - as are new sheets and a blanket.  The quilt and shams are from Overstock.com.  The big square pillow is from IKEA.  I'm trying to decide if I should embroider it or stencil on it...  At the foot of the bed is my wool throw from Petworth, UK and some embroidered fabric that Tony brought back from India (I sewed it around the edges to make a runner).  I used these two items as the inspiration for the room.  I have yet to do curtains, but I'm happy with things so far.  It's quite cozy!  (Let me know if you want any more details...)

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