Barr Co Cream

OK - I'm back.  I've been really overwhelmed this semester.  I'm taking three classes "for fun," but it's taking up a lot of my time!  (In addition to Young Women, family and home stuff, etc.)  So I was considering discontinuing this blog and going to Pinterest and only being online sporadically.  But over the past couple of months I've been seeing so many great things that I've wanted to blog about...  So today I decided to change it up and to make my blog a place just for me to post whatever I want to remember, whenever I have time to post.  You are welcome to join me whenever you have time!

One great thing that has saved me this winter (Chicago's 3rd coldest ever) is my Barr Co Cream.  I picked up a tube at the Missouri Botanical Garden, and I've been using it liberally.  The scent is divine.

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